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COLLEGE ATHLETES SHOULD NOT BE PAID. Topic: Tim Tebow(professional athlete and ESPN College Analyst) place his two cents on colleges paying their Students to play sports. He disagreed and received a lot of backlash from other pro athletes and fans.

-My two cents:
I played 4 years of Men’s Volleyball, winning almost everything for a High School kid. I was pretty good to say the least. I played other sports but Volleyball was the sport I got to shine in. Sadly once the lights were off that was it. I had a couple of calls and scouts but nothing ever happened. I was too short to play college level.
It sucks because I just wanted to get some help paying for school while I played a sport I had fallen in love with. Thankfully i got to go to school but Financial Aid did not cover me. Pops made too much money but all the bills fell on him. So it was tough but it got done.
Now I see this topic come up and I have to agree with Tebow, I don’t think colleges should pay for you to play a sport. You already have your school paid for. This is a business, schools have bills to pay, programs to fund, it’s a blessing to already have your school paid for. I hear stories of my old teachers eating cat food for dinner but guess what they had their school paid for entirely.

I know everyone’s different, some came from poor backgrounds, but if we paid college Athletes it would be a terrible snowball effect. Especially contracts to be signed, imagine the money management by 17 year olds.

Just my two cents, I would have loved to play college sports and have a scholarship to help me financially. The rest I’ll simply figure it out, I’m blessed enough to have school paid for and get to represent a school I love.
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What is your Starbucks order? Currently drinking Vanilla Bean with a shot of espresso
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on Time
Is time going fast ? Anyone feeling like time is going by fast ?
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