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Alannah’s mom
on Elephants
+3 for Elephants My spirit animal. 🐘
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Alannah’s mom
on Children
As I prepare to have my son later this month, all I want is a great upbringing for my kids. I even think about how the newest member to our family will affect the sleeping habits of my 18-month old daughter. She co-slept with us from age 3 months to about 17 months. Yes, I know many people discourage or disagree with this type of behavior, and I was one that said I would never do such a thing (pre-children).

But once I had my daughter, my whole perspective changed. First of all, sleeping with us made her feel comfortable and safe because she would sleep through the night. No sleep deprivation for this momma!!! At least not due to her waking up. It’s just my nature to wake up occasionally to check on her...I still do till this day.

It’s true that you will never sleep the same after children, but that’s another topic for another day. Now that her little brother will be here in a matter of days, we‘ve had to transition her to her crib and soon to her room. Yet, we have this lingering guilt that she will feel pushed out because of another little human who has been added to our family. But, we reassure ourselves that’s it’s the best thing for her as well to strengthen her independence and also let her get her rest on those sleepless newborn nights awaiting us with her baby brother.

We say now that we will not be co-sleeping with her baby brother, but let’s see if we stick to the plan!

All I want out of life right now is to raise great kids, be a great mother, and make this transition as smooth as possible for my daughter. #PerspectiveSpotlight

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