The right way is to your left

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The right way is to your left
on Surveillance
Next time you hear that mass surveillance is necessary for security, remember the Paris attacks. Everything happened in plain sight. Sometimes the watchful eye isn’t so much interested in stopping terrorists.
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The right way is to your left
on The Democratic Party
Why we’ll lose in 2020. I’m not a Trump supporter, and that’s no secret. I’ve shared my views in the past that his divisive rhetoric has made America a more hateful and dangerous place to live in. Yet, despite wanting him gone as much as about 60% of all of America (according to the latest polls), I don’t see victory in sight for the Democrats in 2020.

The lineup of candidates running for office is among the weakest we’ve ever seen. Those receiving the most media attention are the same tired faces we’ve seen for decades. And worst of all, the lineup lacks inspiration, which makes it difficult to excite young voters to turn up in large numbers.

Remember, we tried this strategy before. In 2016, the Democrats focused the entire campaign on a single message: “We can’t let someone like a Trump become President.” Obviously, it didn’t work. Yet, here we are trying it again.

For 2020, my ask of the Democrats is stop and rethink the plan before we get any further into the race. We have limited time, and we can’t spend it on futile efforts like impeachment. And we certainly can’t spend it reminding America what a bad guy he is—everybody already knows it.

The message this time around must be something that inspires entire generations of people to turn up and vote. Something that instills hope in a brighter, less scarier future. That’s how Trump won in 2016. The “Make America Great Again” campaign meant something to people. We need a similar message, and we need to tell the story of what the world can look like under democratic leadership. Failing that, we fail to secure the Presidency in 2020.
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