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It’s the little things
on Happiness
People ask me how it's possible that I'm always happy. Here's my secret. I came to a realization a long time ago—probably earlier than anyone ever should. At the young age of 12, I realized there was nothing special about me. I realized that soon I would grow up, and I would live a life not unlike the one my parents lived and their parents before that. And then one day I'll die.

This realization came to me in a rather gruesome way. I was gifted my first computer on my 12th birthday. I remember it perfectly. It was 2006 and Apple had just released the new MacBook with the white polycarbonate shell. It was beautiful, and I was ecstatic. All the world's knowledge was now just a few clicks away.

Two months in and I had already scoured the entire web—or at least it felt that way. I went everywhere, and I mean everywhere. But there was one website in particular that caught my attention more than anything else: Rotten.com. It was one of those shock sites that featured images of dead people. I saw photos of brains splattered on railroad tracks, victims who were stabbed to death, and even horrific car accidents. Ever wonder what someone's face looks like after they commit suicide with a shotgun? This website had it all.

Among all the gruesome images, there was one that hit me the hardest. The photo was titled "Blonde on a Slab." It was an image of a woman's decomposed body on an embalming table. Her eyes were open, but by that point the soft tissue had dehydrated and looked wrinkled and deflated. Her body was bruised and her skin had a pale-green marbled look to it. But her hair was the most unusual. It had started falling out, and what was left had turned shades of an odd salmon-red.

In this photo, I saw myself. Someday I'll be laying on that steel table, completely lifeless. My personality, my memories, my loves and my hates, it would all decompose with my body. And so would my problems and my frustrations—those would be gone along with me too.

It was disquieting. But it was also empowering. One day I will be the blonde on the slab, but today I'm alive! And so long as I'm breathing, I can explore the endless possibilities that exist in this moment. I don't have to be "special" to be happy. I don't have to have "things" to be happy. I don't have to do anything, but be alive. And that's why I'm thrilled and grateful for every day that I wake up in the morning. That alone is my happiness, and I don’t need any other reason.

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