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With a warm heart
on Bees
Here’s what we can each do to help save the bees. People underestimate the importance of bees. The US Department of Agriculture estimates that one out of every three bites we take can be tied back to the labor of bees. Those little insects pollinate nearly half a trillion dollars worth of food every single year!

But they’re dying. Last year, American beekeepers reported losing 41% of their honeybee colonies. That was an all-time high, and scientist are still trying to figure out why. It could be the use of pesticides on crops, it could be a disease affecting bee colonies, or it could an aftereffect of climate change. Or maybe a combination of all 3.

Whatever’s happening, it’s a major problem that we need to figure out. Bees aren’t an optional part of our environment. To put it into perspective, if bees suddenly disappeared today, humanity would have about 4 years before we’re wiped from the face of the planet. No more bees means no more pollination, which means significantly less plant life, significantly less animal life, and significantly less human life.

Now, what can we do about it? Well, for those of us with a green thumb, planting herbs, wildflowers, bushes and fruit trees in your garden can help. If space is limited, rosemary, lavender, thyme and chives are great for bees and require little room to grow. For those who are less willing to host bees in your garden, simply buying honey from local beekeepers rather than industrial producers helps too.

So let’s do our part and help bees flourish. The consequences are too steep to ignore!
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