I think therefore I am

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I think therefore I am
on Aliens
Humans will keep battling each other until we find foreign life from other planets to fight instead If extraterrestrials come down and start a fight, it would be “US” against “THEM”. Only then we will accept that we are ONE species.
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I think therefore I am
on Psychics
Somedays, I wish I would have listened to her advice. Years ago, a friend of mine invited me to visit a very reputable psychic. I was a little skeptical but accepted to have a tarot reading. She started by asking me to shuffle the cards and think about the things that I need to know about my future.

At the time, I was engaged and a few months away of celebrating a huge wedding, and the most logical thought that popped-up into my mind whether my marriage was going to be a lasting one.

She spread the cards, started her reading, and immediately went straight to the point. She saw a big celebration followed by betrayal, loss, sadness and years of solitude.

Damn! She was right. I got pregnant two months after the wedding with my first child, the second followed two years later. After my second was born, I discovered my husband was having an affair with his high school sweetheart. When I confronted him, he had the courage to admit it. Without hesitating, he asked me for a divorce. According to him, he never stopped loving her. He tried to make a happy life with me but the love for her was stronger than the family we had created.

Part of me wishes to go back in time and listen to that psychic, but another part knows that if I had listened, I would have never enjoyed the gift of my two precious, perfect kids.

Note: I am still skeptical about psychics, many are only a bunch of fake con artists looking to sell spells and magic [email protected]# that never works. Beware of the fake ones.
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