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Jack of all trades
on Sophia The Robot
Will Smith’s interview with Sophia the robot. I don’t know what to make of this.
6mo ago  •  2 comments

Jack of all trades
on In-Laws
My in-laws are horrible people. I’ve been married for almost 20 years now, and still to this day, I can’t stand my in-laws—any of them—no exception.

I have a long list of reasons to justify my feelings toward them, but there is one thing specifically that lingers in my memory the most.

To begin, I should add that they never liked me either. To them, I‘m the good for nothing, poor man that their daughter made the terrible mistake of marrying.

One night, I received a call from my wife’s sister asking me to help her with a flat tire. It was late, around 10pm. I was alone in the house as my wife was away on business. I went and met her in a supermarket parking lot close to her house. She was accompanied by a very attractive, athletic, dark haired woman with beautiful hazel eyes.

To be honest, her beauty shocked me and I couldn’t help but stare. And that’s when Pamela (my wife’s sister) knew she had me where she wanted.

They offered to go have some drinks at a nearby bar, which I refused. But they kept insisting. After several drinks and some laughs I thought that maybe our animosity was a thing of the past.

Man, I was wrong. She was just setting me up. I had to admit part of what happened next was my fault. But to cheat on my wife was not something that I remotely planned that night.

The news of the cheating soon reached her and we had a big fight. She left me and then we reconciled two months later. To this day she never believed it was all a setup. She is close to her family, and I‘m usually forced to share holidays with them. They act normal as if we‘re all cool. But I know better and never ever will I let my guard down again around them.
7mo ago  •  6 comments

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