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Amazed. Everyday
There are snow days and storm days. Why not good weather days? It's a shame to be stuck in an office on a day like this!
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Knowledge is my motto
Madrid-Spain- The Police. Today we had a train reservation to go visit Alicante. By less than half a minute the door for the train closed and we couldn’t get in. At least we were able to get 60 percent back of the return ticket.
Well... as we had to redo plans, we decided to take a hop on hop off tours to see the city.
We Purchased 4 tickets -we are a party of 8 but the other 4 were so pissed that decided to take another route.
On the line to get on the bus, suddenly this lady out of nowhere come screaming pushing one of my friends, at the beginning I thought she was complaining about cutting the line or something. But when we all got on the bus, she started accusing my friend of stealing her purse. She was an English speaker and kept insisting that my friend and her daughter opened their purses to confirm her purse wasn’t there. At the beginning I thought the Lady was out of her mind and told my friends not to pay attention and just ignored her. But the other lady that was with her and the other 2 men were on her side and kept asking for all of us to show the inside of our purses. To my surprise she started calling the police. To calm down the argument, we all agreed we were going to open our purses in the next police booth near by. We got out of the bus and showed the police the interior of our purses. The police apologized on her behalf and after a document search- they also had to take our passport and do a little check, just in case- we were good to go.
To conclude, today no Alicante as we planned , no hop on hop off tours.
But to make something good out of the inconvenience, we treated ourselves to a delicious Paella in which according to one of my friends one of the best restaurant in Madrid. In the picture the Police with the Lady and a delicious 😋 Paella
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