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Tough B
With so many beautiful sights to photograph, no time for selfies Yuk!! Can't be friends with selfie takers, too shallow and vein for me
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Knowledge is my motto
+1 for Selfies It’s hard for me to understand the selfie culture, but apparently this phenomenon dates back to many centuries ago. I just read in a Reader’s Digest article that “The first-ever selfie was painted in 1524 using oil on wood. In "Self-portrait in a Convex Mirror," 21-year-old artist Parmigianino depicted his own reflection”.

The article also mentioned a few interesting facts:

1- “Women take more selfies that men”- Umm, I wonder why that is?

2- “The average age of selfie-takers is 23.6” - I thought there was no age average, I keep seeing selfies in all age ranges.

3-“In 2013, "selfie" was named The Oxford English Dictionary's Word of the Year”. - And that was chosen unanimously - I wonder what historians will think about us?

4-“According to a recent survey, 68 percent of selfie-takers admitted to editing their photos before sharing online” - On occasion edited to the point that people almost erase their noses.

5- And the best for last - “In May of 2015, Kardashian published a book called Selfish, which is 448 pages long and comprised entirely of her favorite selfies. Sound absurd? Apparently not. Selfish quickly became a New York Times bestseller”. Amazing right?

But for the rest of us common mortals, selfies are not an expression of art as in Parmigianino’s self-portrait, rather—in my opinion—only a mere need to show face, to capture an expression in time, to get validation, to say I am here - see me.
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