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Welcome to the Onesaid Book Club, where the community comes together to discuss the book of the month. Use this page to share your suggestions for book selections! (Credit to jeni0020 for bringing the community together to share our love of literature \u263a)

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Voting (Nov.) Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! Here’s what we’ve got so far:
His Dark Materials, Philip Pullman - a trilogy; the first book ‘The Golden Compass’ is a fantasy about a young girl who journeys to the Arctic in search of her friend and her uncle, who is conducting experiments in attempts to reach a parallel universe.
Bared to You, Sylvia Day - an erotic book about a woman who enters an intense, obsessive relationship with a wealthy man (similar to 50 Shades, as aforementioned).
Kuntalini, Tamara Faith Berger - another piece of erotic fiction about a young woman who experiences a sexual awakening in her yoga class and then embarks on a journey to Niagara Falls.
The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exup\351ry - a French novella about a pilot who crashes in the Sahara Desert and meets a young prince from another planet.
The Book Thief, Markus Zusak - a book about a young girl set in WW2 Germany who, after learning to read, begins stealing books and developing a love for reading.
Orphan Number Eight, Kim van Alkemade - a book about a woman who, in her career as a hospice worker, encounters the doctor that experimented on her as a child.
Let’s do a vote!
His Dark Materials - 👍🏻
Bared to You - 👎🏻
Kuntalini - ⭐️
The Little Prince - 😄
The Book Thief - 🧠
Orphan Number Eight -💡
something else - 🔎 & comment your suggestion.
Looking forward to the results, we’ve got some interesting choices!
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