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Being pro-choice is best... Pro-school-choice, that is. I teach at a private school in Chicago, where the majority of public schools are overcrowded, full of students with discipline problems, and have very high failure/retention/drop-out rates. Those same public schools spend over $12,000 per student, often for abysmal results.

Private schools, like the one I work at, cost about $6-7k per student per year. We have smaller class sizes, much fewer discipline problems, higher test scores, and produce more college-ready graduates than the public schools.

Many parents would jump at the chance to send their children to a private school, but they can’t afford it.

Parents should be given the choice to tell the city which school should get paid to teach their child. Or, at the very least, parents who choose private schools should be given a tax break, for easing the burden on the local school district.

Virtually all opposition to school choice programs are variations of “it’s not fair, because private schools can say ‘no’ to problem students,” or, “taxpayer money shouldn’t be spent on private education, particularly if it’s at a parochial school.

From the point of view of parents who want to save their children from failing public schools, but can’t afford a private school, both of those opposition reasons seem like refusing to throw a life vest to a drowning person, because you don’t have enough life vests for everyone, or you don’t like what’s written on the life vest.

Throwing more money at failing schools is not the answer. They already spend more than the private schools that get better results.

Better parenting is the answer. Giving the parents who care a chance to save their children via school choice programs is the best solution we have right now.
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