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Share and explore perspectives on the American Dream, the set of ideals in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success achieved through hard work.

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It’s still attainable I am in my late 30s. During my teens, in the 90s, I heard people talking about how the American Dream was dead. As I went through my 20s and early 30s, I heard more people my own age say that the American Dream was dead, and that they were giving up on it.

All the while, I was working my way up from my lower-middle-class upbringing. I am living the Dream and, honestly, it didn’t seem that difficult for me to achieve. I just had to be patient and make some good choices.

But maybe I am being naive, or I was just lucky.

Still, when I see how my old high school classmates are doing (via Facebook), now 20 years post-graduation, the ones who seem to be struggling the most are the same ones who gave up on the Dream early. They are the ones who got into drugs in high school, or always had some excuse for being unable to hold down a job, or are on their third or fourth marriage, or had children too young, or a variety of other things they were warned not to do, but did anyway.

Yes, I know I sound really judgmental right now.

I just want to warn any young people who are reading this not to believe the naysayers... Not to give up before you’ve really given it a shot. Be patient and make good choices, and you’ll likely find success.

The people who want you to believe the Dream is dead probably want you to believe that for political reasons anyway. The Dream is dead... and voting for a Democrat is the only way to bring it back.
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