The man, the myth, the legend. If you didn’t catch it, you’ve got to see the monologue Ricky Gervais delivered for this year’s Golden Globes. It was harsh yet hilariously funny. This guy’s got balls to say some of the things he said. People wind up with their careers ruined for much less!
15d ago
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@WonderBeyond I think his comedy has gotten either better or worse, however one views it, as the years go on because he’s become more and more deadpan about it. A lot of people are offended by absolutely everything and aren’t able to laugh at themselves; it feels like the number is growing every day. I like that he is the complete opposite of that, to the point that it makes some people uncomfortable. He really pushes the boundaries of what comedy can be, and that’s something I’ve always found refreshing about him.
15d ago

@jenni0220 I agree, and watching just how uncomfortable he can make an audience is what I love about watching him work. The actors in that room were completely taken aback by some of the things he said
14d ago

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