Would you give up a little freedom to save the planet? Regardless of where we stand on the issue of climate change, most of us can agree that we’ve done a lot of harm to this planet. We pollute, exploit and abuse our environment, and we do the same to the animals that inhabit it.

Some scientists say that our lifestyle has caused us to reach the point of no return. The world is changing they say, and there’s not much we can do about it anymore.

But what if there is? What if we can still change our behaviors and habits and save Mother Earth? Of course, it would require a significant change in the way we live. And it would require the participation of every human on the planet. Willing or not.

So I ask, would you be willing to limit your freedoms and moderate your lifestyle if it meant curbing climate catastrophe?
4mo ago
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A happy accident
@CindySerrano At some point, we may not have a choice
4mo ago

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