If you’ve only ever been with one person, how do you know they’re “the one?” I’ve been with my boyfriend for about 10 years now, and he’s the first and only guy I’ve ever been with. We’re super comfortable with each other and he’s really great.

But as we think about our next step in life, I keep wondering, how can I be sure that I’m ready? I haven’t been with anyone else, so how do I know this is the right choice? I’m just not sure if I should search until I know without a doubt.

Has anyone been through anything similar?
1mo ago
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Tough B
@IceyBlue What if you keep searching but don’t end up finding anyone that’s better for you. Just to then realize you let the person who knew you best go and now they’ve moved on. If you’ll be ok with that then maybe you should go explore, but know not everyone will wait for you to figure it out.
1mo ago

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