What’s right and what’s wrong? Emotions can get the worst out of a person. I admit, I can be emotionally charged at times but when I witness someone else lash out, it’s surprising and alarming.

Something is not allowing us to control our emotions. We are angrier than ever and with no regard take out on whoever passes our presence. How do we practice self control? We have to make the effort to make positive changes or it will be an ugly, lonely world.
1mo ago
@Sasha Lol who hasn’t fallen victim to their emotions from time to time. You learn from the mistake, but I agree. When you keep letting them win, it’s time to put some work in. You’re not happy with your current situation. It’s time to start upgrading your mind. When you don’t upgrade your mind, it becomes obsolete. Is it any wonder? No
1mo ago

I'm new here
@brettlechnar Good point!
1mo ago

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