So who is the best Joker? People asked me after I watched the film, who’s the better Joker? Heath Ledger or Joaquin Phoenix? I’m a huge fan of both actors. I grew up familiar with Ledger’s Joker. His performance is brilliant. After seeing the new Joker film, I can confirm Phoenix’s performance is also brilliant. But I don’t think either is better than the other. I think they’re both amazing interpretations. Apples to oranges, if you will.
I’m curious to know what other people think.
4d ago
No time for BS
@jenni0220 They’re performances are apples and oranges. I found Joaquin working hard to make the character his own. Really showcasing all sides of The Joker.
4d ago

With a pen in motion
@jenni0220 Heath Ledger in my opinion. The way he would tell the stories about his scars, fantastic acting. It was especially surprising to see Ledger take on the role since I knew him for more casual roles. Phoenix was great too, but not as memorable, I’d say
4d ago

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