I love fashion, but I'm careful to know the history of what I wear. I would never wear anything by Chanel, for example. Many people forget about what she did during World War II, but coming from a Jewish family, I'm very familiar with how Coco Chanel built her fashion empire.

It begins in 1924, when Chanel made an agreement with the Wertheimer brothers, directors of the perfume house Bourjois. Together, they created a new entity called Parfums Chanel which created the popular perfume, Chanel No. 5.

Chanel No. 5 quickly became Parfums Chanel's most profitable product, which made Coco Chanel both thrilled and angry. You see, she simply licensed her name for the product and only owned 10% of the business. 70% of the Parfums Chanel was owned by Paul and Pierre Wertheimer who produced the product and managed all business operations.

So what did Coco Chanel do? Fast forward to 1941 during the Nazi occupation of France. Chanel took advantage of the occupation to spy on their behalf and boost her professional career. Then, when the Nazis seized all Jewish-owned property and businesses, she took the opportunity to gain the full fortune and control of Parfums Chanel, which was owned by the Jewish Wertheimer brothers. It led to a long legal battle after the war was won, and although the two parties later came to an agreement, I'll always remember what she did and I'll never wear a single item with the Chanel branding
5d ago
Free Spirit
@YellowGolden This is so interesting. I never looked into the history of a fashion empire. We’re made to believe, see and hear what that latest and best is but not the origin. Thanks for shedding light.
6d ago

Knowledge is my motto
@YellowGolden Wow ....who would have thought?
5d ago

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