Craving a meaningful connection. I recently just ended my relationship with my boyfriend of over a year. It was emotionally draining on me, despite him not catering to my needs. I found myself depressed a lot of the time whenever we spent time together, I realized that I wasn’t the absolute best version of myself when I was with him. It took every ounce of courage I was capable of mustering to finally be open and honest with him, to end our relationship. And although I hate to see him full of hurt, I know my decision is for the better. However, I must admit with this comes a feeling of extreme loneliness. As an introvert it is extremely difficult for me to connect and trust others. So when I do have someone, I cling onto them like a found treasure. But now that I am single again, I lost my friend. I lost that person I found an extent of comfort in. Change is hard for me, but so is the loneliness. I wish there was a social media platform, or app, or what have you- that aloud people such as I, to connect, and talk comfortably in the solace of one another. Almost like a monogamous friendship. An app or website that aloud people to have deep, meaningful conversations. Conversations that are heartfelt, and establish a foundation that builds a strictly platonic friendship, for the people who are socially impaired.
4d ago
Bookworm please don't feel alone, we've all been there and I too am an introvert and find it difficult to let go of the people closest to me. But, what I have learned is that it's even more difficult to be lonely, when not alone. I know it's hurtful for you right now but this too will pass and you'll feel stronger and better with the decision you made.

I've also found that writing or sharing my thoughts and feelings and being able to discuss them with random individuals helped me because I didn't feel judged. I don't have to worry about who's going to tell me how I'm feeling or why I'm feeling this way or that I shouldn't, etc. I get to hear different perspectives and appreciate a lighter conversation, ultimately lifting my spirits up. Hope you find that and you'll see you'll rise to the top.
6d ago

One small thought Ending a relationship isn’t easy, even when you know it’s the right decision. I remember feeling the same way, like I lost a friend. Once you get comfortable with someone and they know and understand you, it’s daunting and frustrating to have to do it all over again with someone else.

That’s why I’ve taken an indefinite break from relationships. Now, I just want to get to know other people for no other reason than to meet new and interesting individuals. Whatever happens along the way, I’ll go with the flow.

It’s kind of weird, but sometimes I feel more comfortable opening up to a complete stranger than talking to someone I know. The fact that they don’t know me means they can’t judge me based on the person I was in the past, and that helps me feel more like myself. So far, I’ve found this community to be pretty open and helpful. I’ve had some great conversations on here, and I’m sure we’ll have some great conversations too :)
6d ago

Ready to explore Meaningful conversations and platonic friendships are always good to have, whether you’re in a relationship or not. I’ve had a lot of friends that fall off the face of the planet after starting a relationship. Suddenly they start cancelling plans, stop communicating, and forget all about their friends. And when that relationship ends, sometimes those old friends are no longer around. It’s a balancing act to keep a strong network of friends and a strong relationship, but it’s worth it
6d ago

Free Spirit Change is very hard but you know yourself best, if you didn’t feel right a year into the relationship, imagine how you’d feel down the road. You did what’s best for you and finding things in common with people to have an out is key to getting stronger. Now is the time to explore what you like, what you want and gain your self esteem back. I say good job and we’re here for you.
5d ago

I'm new here I understand what you mean. Ending a relationship, especially when they’re the most meaningful connection in your life, can be extremely difficult. I applaud you on having the strength to do what’s best for yourself.
Personally, since experiencing something similar earlier this year, I’ve been spending a lot of time with old friends, family, and myself to try and rebuild a strong social connection. It’s worked pretty well for me; maybe it might work for you too. Best of luck to you!
4d ago

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