A victory against a notorious patent troll. This bit of news from Cloudflare made my day today. In 2016, they were sued by one of the most active patent trolls in the country, Blackbird Technologies. Now, don’t let the name fool you, Blackbird Technologies is nothing more than a law firm masquerading as a tech company. They acquire broad and vague patents solely for the purpose of suing companies that try to create something new.

In response, Cloudflare announced Project Jengo, a systematic plan to remove the incentive structure for patent trolls. They encouraged dozens of people to find prior art to invalidate BlackBird’s patent portfolio, and they defended themselves in court with everything they had. And they won. Then to top it all off, they filed ethical complaints to investigate Blackbird’s prior suits.

Hopefully, this sets an example for future patent trolls who try to make a quick buck off of someone else’s hard work. Great work by the Cloudflare team.
7d ago
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Think about it.
@Ehrenbrite Glad to hear they didn’t back down and settle like everyone else does. Wish we’d see sweeping reform on this kind of nonsense.
7d ago

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