Hypnosis works. I listen to Dick Sutphen’s hypnosis recordings, and I can confirm that it really does work. If you’re unfamiliar with Sutphen, he’s widely considered one of America’s leading psychic researchers and hypnotists. He’s published several hundred recordings, including guided meditations, past-life regressions, and goal-setting hypnosis programming.

If you have an Apple Music or Spotify subscription, you’ll find dozens of his recordings that you can listen to. My favorite is the Program Your Dreams recording, which helps me remember each dream I have with vivid clarity. I’ve also listened to the High Energy and Enthusiasm Zapper which helps me start the day with a better attitude. I just leave it playing at night and fall asleep to it. After several listens, you’ll notice the difference.
8d ago
Living and breathing
@MysticSeven Funny enough I wanted to try a hypnosis recording years ago, but never got around to it. Going to give it a try tonight, sounds really interesting.
8d ago

Still thinking
@MysticSeven A past-life regression sounds really interesting. Think I just made my plans for next weekend
8d ago

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