I doubt anyone is really a 0 on the Kinsey scale. Sexuality is a spectrum, and I'll bet if anyone is presented with the right person, they can become attracted to the same sex. In fact, a study by YouGov showed that 4 in 10 people who called themselves straight said they might be attracted to someone of the same sex under certain circumstances.

Something to think about for those who claim to be 100% heterosexual.
9d ago
@Rhona Nah, sexuality may be a spectrum for some people, but others aren’t as fluid. I can say with certainty that I’m a 0 on that scale.
10d ago

@Rhona Yup, gonna have to call bs on this one. zero.
10d ago

I'm new here
@Rhona I don’t think I’ve ever met a 0 or a 6. I’m pretty sure everyone I know has at some point been fluid in their attraction, even if only a little bit.
9d ago

@Rhona I feel like any one of those sometimes. For example, right now I feel like an X
9d ago

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