The world isn’t ending, and things aren’t really as bad as they seem. When I say that in public, people assume I’m ignorant of all the things that are happening in today’s day and age. But I’m well aware. I know what the Chinese are doing to their citizens. I know that over 8 million people live as modern day slaves in India. And I know that sex trafficking is practically an epidemic.

But I also know that we’re making significant progress all around the world. We’re making major advancements in medicine and science. We’re pushing for equality for every human being. And we’re increasing our food supply and distribution channels to feed a global population. And unlike the world of several hundred years ago, we don’t have to worry about losing it all at the hands of an invading empire pillaging their way across our country.

I’m happy with the current state of things, and I’m excited about what’s next to come. And if that brings me judgement for being “ignorant” or “disconnected” so be it.
1mo ago
With a warm heart
@MairaMar Part of the problem is people think it’s cool to be miserable, and they look for others to enable them.
3mo ago

Your average, everyday.
@MairaMar Some days, it seems like the world really is ending. Other days, it seems like we’re just getting started. It’s like a collective mood we all have
1mo ago

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