Corporations are counting on our ignorance. We all know that the primary objective of a company is to generate profit. But some companies aren’t so forthcoming about this goal. Some would like us to believe that they have a moral objective that supersedes any desire to make money.

Take Nike for example. In America, they’re known for taking bold political stances, including featuring a controversial ad starring Colin Karpernick in support of the take-a-knee movement. They love freedom of speech and expression—or so you’d think.

In China, it’s a completely different story. They pulled one of their products after it became the center of backlash in China. Turns out one of Nike’s designers shared an Instagram post in support of the Hong-Kong protests, and China didn’t like that, so Nike quickly acquiesced.

Then you have Apple, who publicly supports LGBTQ rights, female empowerment, and sustainable business. Yet, China remains one of their biggest markets—a country that harvests the organs of its prisoners, places those of certain religious beliefs in concentration camps, censors free expression, and shows zero regard for the environment.

Sorry, corporate America, but you can’t be pro human rights and do business in China at the same time. The two stances are incompatible. But fortunately for them, this hypocrisy is rarely brought to light because corporations rely on our ignorance to continue profiting and maintain business as usual.
3mo ago
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@itsMike Honestly, I think I’d rather be ignorant at this point. It’s impossible to be happy otherwise.
3mo ago

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