0 for Family I love my family. I love having them over to hang out. Sometimes I crave to have them around me. Other times, it’s a little much. I know a little bit too much about you and how to push your buttons as they want. But like any other relationship it takes time and hard work a good family member. Sometimes I get caught up in what I need to do for them, that I forget everything they have done for me for my entire life. It’s also a balancing act and helping the older family members, so that they don’t smother you and keep you away from your own life for silly things like changing a lightbulb.#PerspectiveSpotlight
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30d ago
Free Spirit
@mcdeeness Finding a balance takes confidence and experience. Family’s the best, until they’re annoying and needy. For those of us who are lucky to have a full table of family for dinner and better of being annoyed from time to time.
3mo ago

@mcdeeness Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.
30d ago

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