Greta Thunberg delivered a powerful call to action on climate change. Her passion is inspiring, and I truly hope her message doesn’t fall on deaf ears. Climate change truly is an existential human crisis, and I echo her feeling that we’re simply not doing enough for our planet’s future.

Very well said Greta. At 16 years old, you are already becoming a leader of the next generation.
3mo ago
Living and breathing
@HeyHailey Gave me chills. Incredible that a teenager is able to deliver such a powerful message in a way most leaders in Washington can’t.
3mo ago

@HeyHailey Love the passion, but I wouldn’t want to see her in a leadership position. There’s a lot of hate and anger in the way she delivered that message. Sure, maybe it’s understandable, but it’s also an immature way to approach such a serious problem.

We have to be realistic. It’s not like we can suddenly stop all carbon emissions overnight. Innovation is the key here. We need to develop technologies that can usher in a world beyond carbon.
3mo ago

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