We all have choices. I feel like as soon as we’re born we are gifted with choice. We choose who we want to spend time with, what we eat, where we go, and so on all day everyday. Although it can be stressful, there’s beauty in it. We have the ability to choose how our day will play out and who plays a part in it.

I appreciate everyday and all that it has to offer and I especially appreciate that it’s under my control. Take control of yourself and the choices you make, it’s not too late to change.
17d ago
Red wine lover
@Sasha You’re right, we do make many choices everyday and it’s a blessing that we have that right. The millennials take much for granted. Watching them complain about every little thing they have to do and then blame everyone else is infuriating.
4mo ago

Free Spirit
@SherryWine I’m in the same boat. All too often I see blame being redirected away from themselves. On the flip side they choose to accept praise when it’s not warranted. Seems immature to me.
17d ago

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