What does our sense of humor say about us? If we laugh at insensitive jokes, is that a reflection of our character? Personally, I’m the kind of person that can find the humor in almost anything. I don’t take life too seriously, and sometimes that causes people to make assumptions about who I am as a person.

But are those assumptions fair to make? Is there a deeper character flaw buried within my personality that I’m unaware of? Is that what causes me to chuckle at the occasional dark joke? Well, I can’t say for sure, but I feel pretty confident that I know myself as a person. I might laugh at an insensitive joke, but I feel comfortable knowing I’m not an insensitive person.

But I am curious. If you find someone laughing at a joke related to race, gender, sexuality, or any other sensitive area, does it cause you to draw certain conclusions about who they are?
5mo ago
Living and breathing
@itsMike Interesting question. To be honest, I would say yes. To me, what people find funny says something about them. I don’t care to be around people who find racist jokes to be funny, for example. I find them to be hurtful. Maybe that doesn’t make them a racist, but there’s a fine line there, and I choose not to be around those who walk that line.
5mo ago

I’m new here
@itsMike That pretty much describes me too. I laugh at everything. Doesn’t mean I agree or think the same way, and I would hope people don’t judge me for it.
5mo ago

I'm new here
@itsMike I have a terrible sense of humor, but I’m not a terrible person. I admire people who can find humor in some darker subject matter; I find a lot of people use it to help others cope with situations that they don’t have any control over. If you can laugh, you can remain human. However, I still think there’s a line, and out of respect, some things just shouldn’t be joked about. Everyone draws this line in a different place. I just think that people who spend all their time being offended by what someone else has to say are taking themselves way too seriously.
5mo ago

@MairaMar Some situations aren’t meant to be laughed at even if it’s your coping mechanism. Seems disrespectful.
5mo ago

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