If you're dating and haven't committed to exclusivity, is it wrong to sleep with other people? I say yes. If there's an actual romantic interest between two people, I think the expectation is that both individuals will respect one another enough not to fool around with other people.

To me, actively dating someone implies exclusivity. What does everyone else think?
3mo ago
Living in between
@MellowDee I see dating more like getting to know someone and trying to figure out whether you want to move forward into a full fledged relationship. So no, my opinion is that dating does not imply exclusivity, and either person is free to sleep with other people
3mo ago

Still thinking
@MellowDee I agree, it’s wrong. If you’re seeing someone romantically, then exclusivity is expected at least until you stop pursuing that person.
3mo ago

Football Fan , Animal Lover.
@MellowDee Agree a 100%.
3mo ago

I'm new here
@MellowDee I think if you have genuine romantic feelings for another person to the point where you want to be with them, you wouldn’t want to sleep with anyone else.
3mo ago

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