The most important rule in our family. Years ago, my wife and I made a pact. We would respect one another's time and give each other space to flourish as individuals. But this pact also came with a second promise. If one of us rang the phone, the other has to pick up. No excuses. And of course, this was with the understanding that we would never abuse this promise.

I recently heard the story of a married couple who agreed to do the same. This couple had twin boys, about 8 years old if I remember correctly. One morning, the mother goes to her son's room to wake him up for school, only to find that he wasn't breathing. She immediately calls an ambulance and then calls her husband who was at a meeting at work. He interrupts the meeting to take the call, and rushes home in a hurry.

The rest of the story doesn't end well, but it highlights the importance of answering that phone call. Had he ignored the call and returned to his meeting, it's possible his wife and son would have never forgiven him. I certainly wouldn't forgive myself if I failed to answer, and it reinforces the promise my wife and I made to each other.
4mo ago
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@RyanTilson That’s a great story I definitely believe in loyalty but you gotta have it with respect and know that everyone is doing their best not to take advantage of it
4mo ago

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@DannyMarijuanase Absolutely, respect is the key here. Without it, the promise would quickly fall apart
4mo ago

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