A devious poison. I’m against watching television. For most, they can’t wait to turn on their favorite shows and relax. I see it as a place people go to disconnect from their reality and get into a fake sense of reality. Whether it’s reality tv drama or romantic movie, it’s all fake. The comparisons people make to their own lives, leaves them to feel like their life isn’t good enough. Worse off, their significant others don’t stand a chance.

If it were up to me, i would limit the amount of time not only children watch tv but adults as well. The majority have become depressed and obsessed with disconnecting from reality and it has split over in a very negative way to their real lives and it has to stop.
4mo ago
Free Spirit
@FloraLini I understand what you mean. Kids these days run to the tv or any electronics and are completely disconnected from their families and friends. They don’t play outside anymore or get creative and make things form scratch. Sadly, adults are the same. They blankly stare at blank tv while munching on junk food.

To your point, it’s like poison to our minds. It’s addictive and unproductive. We all like to disconnect from time to time. Hopefully we can all get a second wind and become more energetic and creative with our time.
4mo ago

I'm new here
@FloraLini I understand how too much TV can be a bad thing. But what’s wrong with disconnecting from reality every once in a while? Is that not what reading does, transports our minds to a different world for a little while? I think these experiences can be enriching, so long as people don’t try to live in them.
I definitely agree that people should put a limit on how much time they spend watching TV, because it is unproductive, but watching a couple episodes of a good show is an enjoyable experience I wouldn’t want to go without.
4mo ago

I'm new here
@FloraLini Nope I disagree!!! When my kiddos go to bed, I absolutely love to watch my shows!!!! I don’t think it’s TV that’s disconnecting us from reality! It’s social media! Isn’t reading the same thing? We read about other lives and other people, most of them are fiction. I don’t think TV has the power to depress and make people obsessed with disconnecting from reality. I think if that’s how people feel, they feel that way regardless.
4mo ago

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