Internet connected sex toys are getting hacked. Does this change the definition of sexual assault? I previously shared my view that the future of sex lies in the digital transformation of sexual devices, or "teledildonics" as it's called. Through teledildonics, we can connect our Wi-Fi enabled sex toys to remotely please our partners. It's at this moment that love can transcend physical and geographical boundaries, allowing us to pursue long-distance relationships without completely sacrificing sexual intimacy.

But now, these devices are getting hacked. And I wonder, if a stranger remotely controls your sex toy without your consent, are you now the victim of sexual assault? How will the laws adapt to such activity? If a hacker breaks into millions of these devices, will he be charged with a million counts of sexual assault?

It's interesting to think about because it shows us the extent to which technology can be abused, and how ill-prepared we are to handle these kinds of transformations. I don't know about you, but I want our elected representatives talking about our teledildonic future.
4mo ago
Still thinking
@Trudell I would 100% feel sexually violated if a stranger hacked into my dildo. Scary to think about
4mo ago

@Trudell Yes, in this telesexual future, telerapists deserve to be punished!
4mo ago

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