Hard to tell between a headache, migraine and blood pressure. How do you know which one it is and which is the best remedy?
1mo ago
@BritneyByDesign Not sure exactly how to tell but I’m pretty sure a migraine is way more intense compared to a headache.

Usually when I feel one coming on, I take a pain reliever and if I go to bed, I usually wake up feeling better. Today, I got up thinking I was better and now it’s back. Quite frustrating as I feel so limited in what I need and want to do. This too shall pass.
1mo ago

I'm new here
@BritneyByDesign I’m in no way an expert on the subject, but for me personally, I know I’m having a migraine when I’m highly sensitive to light or continuous noises, or when I start to feel queasy. I can usually withstand headaches, but migraines are the ones I have to take something and lie down.
1mo ago

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