The conversation around pro-choice is a major double standard. If a man doesn't want a child, he's told "well, you shouldn't have had sex then." Or "you should've used a condom." But, if a woman doesn't want a child, she's told "it's your choice!"

Can someone explain to me why a man can't opt-out of the responsibility for a child? Why is a man legally financially responsible for a child he doesn't want, when a woman can simply abort?
2mo ago
Artist. Thinker.
@WonderBeyond I’ll do the best I can, although most people who think this way can’t be reasoned with. Paper abortions don’t exist for a reason. It’s hard enough to raise a child, and it’s harder as a single parent. The law exists to ensure that a child is financially taken care of when it’s born.
2mo ago

Tough B
@WonderBeyond When a male carries a baby in their body, while having their organs pushed out of the way, body changes forever and you push it out of your penis then we can talk about males having a say.
2mo ago

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