I wish farting in public were more socially acceptable. It's no different than a yawn or a sneeze. It's an involuntary bodily function that everybody does! Plus, holding it in for a long period of time isn't healthy. Should we really harm our own health just because others are repulsed by the natural processes of the human body? I'll be the first to tell you, I let it rip no matter who I'm with or where I am. And I own it too.
4mo ago
I'm new here
@Macdaddy It’s better to shame than to pain! 😂
I’m totally kidding lol
4mo ago

No time for BS
@DisneyPrincess I’m not kidding! If I gotta go, Im’ma gonna go!
4mo ago

I’m a mom
@Macdaddy Interesting choice of topic. But I will say, there’s nothing stinkier than what comes out a man. #Wow
4mo ago

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