Say it, but don't say it too often. Otherwise, it starts to lose its significance. In my opinion, it should be saved for those special moments that give it meaning. Like on an anniversary, or on a romantic night out, or even when it's least expected.
1mo ago
@Rhona I love saying it, and I love hearing it. To me, it never loses its meaning.
1mo ago

Free Spirit
@Rhona If you genuinely love someone then saying it everyday or multiple times a day holds its significance. My heart feels full when I say it and hear it because feeling loved is a blessed feeling.
1mo ago

Trying my best
@Rhona Disagree. I don’t love a lot of people, so to those that I do, I say it as often as possible
1mo ago

Rated #1 Dad
@Rhona There are ways to say it where every utterance carries meaning. Find it and fill yourself and those around you with love
1mo ago

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