It’s real and nothing to be proud of Let’s clarify something, global warming is the temperature / overheating of the earth.

Climate change is the effects from overheating that we are already facing, our future children will be facing, and so on.

I believe the negative effects are highly impacted due to global warming. I believe humans play a major role when it comes to days like Earth Overshoot Day where humanity uses up all of the earths natural resources for that year. It’s nothing to be proud of. Livin more sustainably and dedicating yourself and your life towards inspiring, educating, others and actively doing things such as recycling, using a reusable water bottle or reusable bags, switching from plastic to bamboo and going vegan, etc. can truly benefit our environment and community in the long run. Our health is so important. But our health is absolutely nonexistent without a healthy planet!
4mo ago
The right way is to your left
@ThatPlantAddict Couldn’t agree more and very well said. I do hope we’re still in time to reverse the effects of global warming, but in any case, we must all try. The consequences are too severe
4mo ago

With a pen in motion
@ThatPlantAddict With you. It’s amazing how little care people have in watching our planet be destroyed. My hope is that there are enough of us to make a difference and avert ecological disaster.
4mo ago

@ThatPlantAddict Absolutely right! Keep spreading the message!
4mo ago

Rated #1 Dad
@ThatPlantAddict It’s absolutely critical. I worry about the world my kids will grow up in. I practice eco-friendly living each day and I’m raising my kids to do the same, but it’s not enough until we all do the same.
4mo ago

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