Exuberance is tacky. Real class is displayed with simplicity and humility. I often see people go out of their way to make sure the world knows they're wealthy. These obvious displays of wealth signal only one thing: they're not accustomed to having money. Maybe they've come into wealth for the first time, or they simply didn't have to work for it.

In stark contrast, every self-made individual I've met goes out of their way to conceal their wealth. They dress like everyone else, drive the same cars, and live in modest homes. These are the secret millionaires next door that truly know how to handle wealth.
5mo ago
Artist. Thinker.
@WonderBeyond Agree. Flaunting money around just shows a lack of awareness. I can’t think of a single scenario where pulling up in a Rolls Royce is appropriate. And the people who are impressed by that kind of stuff aren’t people worth being around anyway
5mo ago

I'm new here
@WonderBeyond The only time I’ve ever enjoyed seeing opulent displays was when I watched The Great Gatsby. It really does look tacky in everyday life.
5mo ago

Living a new life
@WonderBeyond You’re telling me if you could afford the new $10mm Bugatti Centodiecis, you wouldn’t be driving it right now?
5mo ago

Live to be active
@WonderBeyond I’ll second that. A person who is confident with themselves and the lifestyle they live don’t need nor want to show off their wealth. I admire those who have it and don’t say a word about it. Those are the ones that deserve our respect.
5mo ago

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