Does positivity fade over time? Pretty sure, the older we get, the more negative we get. It could be all of the life experiences that come with age that makes us more vulnerable to see through some people. I find being skeptical and cautious is seen as negative. Being naive isn’t one of my characteristics and being told I’m negative isn’t something I enjoy hearing, especially when they couldn’t be more wrong. People should just mind their own business and not waste their time pointing out opinions that don’t matter.
2mo ago
@Sasha I’m going to say yes. Bring fairly younger than my coworkers, I’ve definitely noticed they are way more cynical and judgmental. It’s impossible to please them and even if positivity hit him in the face he still wouldn’t appreciate it. It may be life has hardened them, however they shouldn’t lose the ability to be happy or the positivity in life.
2mo ago

I'm new here
@Sasha I definitely think that the more life experience you have, the easier it is to become cynical. But I think anyone can be positive, if they try hard enough. Positivity is an attitude, and it’s something you have to work at every single day. It’s easy to be negative. It’s harder to look on the bright side. But I feel like all that effort is worth it.
2mo ago

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