Don’t understand how they operate. They seems archaic. There isn’t any fluidity in the way it functions. There isn’t an echo system between products. Why use them? How does one go from Apple to Samsung? Can’t imagine any other product besides Apple for all of my day to day and business needs.
3mo ago
I’m a mom
@OriginalJohn I don’t know enough about them but I do know I love the cloud that comes with Apple. Stores all my pictures without clogging up my phone.
3mo ago

I'm new here
@OriginalJohn A friend of mine has a Samsung phone and there is one thing she doesn’t like that I do; I compare her Samsung to an Android phone (apparently they are different but idk). She prefers Samsung because it all in all does more than most apple products. I prefer the iPhone but I can understand why people purchase Samsung products, especially as a work/business phone. I don’t know much about Samsung or Android products past the quality of the pictures captured.
3mo ago

Still thinking
@nykikoyo Your friend would hate me. To me, anything that isn’t an iPhone is an Android 😋
3mo ago

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