Does everyone have a soulmate? Does everyone have a special someone waiting for them down the road? Or are some people meant to be alone? I’m on the fence, what do you guys think?
5mo ago
Chill beyond belief
@jenni0220 I do believe in soul mates, and I think that person exists for everyone. There’s always someone out there who went through just the right set of experiences to connect perfectly with someone else. Finding them is the hard part. But I’ll never settle for anyone else.
5mo ago

Truer words never spoken
@jenni0220 Being alone is great for a while. I think it’s something everyone should experience, but I don’t think it’s meant to be a life-long thing. I think there’s someone out there for everyone. When I think about my soulmate, I can describe almost every detail about him. And when I meet him, I’ll instantly know it.
5mo ago

@jenni0220 I used to believe in soulmates. Heck, I thought I had found mine. I was in love, and I believed she was too. But when that love was tested, I learned how fickle that emotion really is. Now, I believe in practicality over love.

I can spend a lifetime looking for my soulmate and waiting to feel that sense of mad, undying love. Or, I can look for someone who's kind and understands me. Someone who can easily work out an argument or weather through tough times. Someone I can build a life with. I'd rather love those qualities and search all over for them, than wait to find someone who might not even exist.
5mo ago

@jenni0220 I believe in it 110%!! But I know too many people who sit around waiting for this person to appear out of nowhere. I tell them, you gotta get out there and find them!! The worst thing would be if you pass each other by because you’re not even looking.
5mo ago

My two cents
@jenni0220 I believe in soulmates, plural. I don't think it necessarily has to be one person. I think your heart can be filled by the traits you love in multiple people. And when you find those individuals who you can share your love with, it can be a very beautiful thing.
5mo ago

I'm new here
@jenni0220 I believe in soulmates. I don’t think they’re as easy to find as we would like them to be but they do exist. I believe I found mine. It’s the person you can look at and know everything is going to be alright. That person that knows you so well that they know what you’re going to say before you say it or do it before you ask them to.

It’s not about looks or success, for me it’s about how he makes me feel. A best friend, a partner in life. Don’t give up and the cliche is true, when you least expect it, you’ll find him.
5mo ago

@jenni0220 I personally believe that the term “soulmate” is just a bill of goods. It’s a fairytale. Date, find out about people. Not everyone is for everyone and I’m certainly not lol. You’re responsible for your own happiness. And after all we all do go out alone. Just the truth.
5mo ago

@brettlechnar I like that, “we are responsible for our own happiness.” We can’t expect people to make us happy and not everyone we meet will be the right fit for us. Maybe we should spend more time making ourselves happy rather than looking for someone to do it for us.
5mo ago

I think therefore I am
@jenni0220 I’ve observed the soulmate phenomenon and have read more than a few books about it. It’s a complicated subject, and my belief is that not everyone has that special someone waiting for them down the road, and yes there are some people that are meant to be alone.

There are others that never get to experience romantic love in their lifetime, and some others that a physical attraction leads them to confuse lust with love. Other souls just settle when they find commonalities because at the end, that’s the most they will ever feel in their life.

A genuine soulmate connection that last a lifetime is a rare connection that few get to experience, and that’s why it’s so romanticized in literature and movies.

5mo ago

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