It’s time society and I have a chat about natural hair. I’m proud to see to a growing number of women choosing to wear their natural hair. It’s beautiful, it’s bold and it’s us. But society is still a long way from embracing our natural look, and it has a lot to do with the language we use to describe it.

When our natural hair is referred to as kinky, unruly, or difficult, then the perception becomes that our hair is something that needs to be tamed and kept under control. This type of language affects not only the way others view our hair type, but the way we see ourselves. I mean, the word kinky itself means unusual or abnormal. How can a woman feel comfortable in her own skin if she’s constantly told her hair is abnormal?

It’s time we take a closer and more careful look at the language we use and how it affects our perspective. For natural hair in particular, let’s just call it what it is. Our natural hair. And we’re proud of it.
6mo ago
Living and breathing
@MaryEl Yes! Hopefully if the language around it changes, this trend we’re seeing today doesn’t reverse itself like it did after the rise in the 60s and 70s
6mo ago

With a warm heart
@MaryEl Love a natural look. I agree, the language we use is important in shaping perception. Hope to see a shift in thinking soon
6mo ago

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