We should encourage wealthy people to live extravagant lifestyles. Capitalism requires the free flow of money. If the uber-rich begin to live prudently, then their money isn't flowing throughout the economy. So, let’s save the simple living for those of us with modest incomes. And let’s encourage those with significant wealth to go out and spend it! Maybe then we can sustain greater levels of economic growth for all of us.
4mo ago
My two cents
@JonOsman Or (crazy idea) what if we just correct the imbalance in society so that it’s impossible to have more money than one could ever spend?
4mo ago

Here’s a thought
@Trudell Because we’ve tried nearly all forms of economic systems and capitalism is the only one proven to work
4mo ago

Living and breathing
@Trudell A good idea... America laughs at those
4mo ago

Ready to explore
@JonOsman Or we could encourage them to be more philanthropic. Rather pledging to give away their fortunes when they pass away, why not donate it while they’re alive?
4mo ago

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