Work-life balance died in 2008. Two major things happened that year. First, the recently released iPhone saw a significant price cut that made it accessible to a much larger audience. The price cut was also met with an updated version that brought us 3G Internet speeds, making it faster to do things like check our emails.

Second,the world economy was brought to its knees by a massive financial crisis that spiked the unemployment rate to nearly 10% during its worst period. This made it easy for companies to squeeze every bit of productivity from their remaining workforce, who were left at their employer’s mercy.

This confluence of events led to a dangerous expectation. Employers began expecting their workers to be on 24/7, checking emails, sending reports, etc. Some even started buying their employees smartphones to stay connected at all times.

The end result is what we have today. The lines between work and life are completely blurred and there are no longer any boundaries. If you’re not on 100% of the time, then you’re “not a team player.” There’s simply no such thing as work-life balance anymore.

Hate to wonder how the dynamics of work will be affected by the next recession.
6mo ago
The right way is to your left
@Trudell There’s certainly a connection between recessions and our collective work habits. I have a feeling, however, that the next recession will have the opposite effect of the last. I think we’ll instead see people begin to reject the standard notion of a 40-hour work week and substandard wages. We may even have a bit of a revolution on our hands
6mo ago

Let’s learn about fun
@Trudell Love how you put work-life balance in perspective. It has become non existent in our lives. Between work, school, extra curricular activities and like you mentioned internet and our smart phones have taken over our lives.

Watching shows on our phones when we’re supposed to be at dinner and talking or being more interested in other peoples lives instead of living their own.
6mo ago

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