Android users are...different. I don’t know what it is about Android that it tends to attract very strange individuals. Of course, this is a huge generalization. But in my experience, Android users tend to be more reclusive, more skeptical of everything, and they seem to always carry a chip on their shoulder.

I actually did some research to see if this is an actual noted trend. And it is! Just read an article on The New York Post that cited a few studies on how iPhone users are “generally happier, more extroverted, and more adventurous.”

Wonder what everyone else’s experience tends to be with this.
6mo ago
Chill beyond belief
@Rhona Definitely one hell of a generalization lol. But I have noticed a bit of that among my Android friends. A few of them think they’re so much smarter because “muh pixels!” or some other obnoxious feature they have that we don’t
6mo ago

Free Spirit
@Rhona The research, in my opinion, is correct. As an Apple user, I can’t imagine using anything else. The ecosystem is between all Apple products are seemless and priceless.

Every person that I’d come across that has an Android struggles with certain functions and performance. I’m an Apple liver for life!
6mo ago

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