Living alone is not being lonely. There are a few downside to living alone, like paying for all the bills, and having to do all the chores by myself. But as for the rest, it’s pretty damn great! I enjoy coming home to the silence of my apartment after a hectic day or night. I either grab something to eat or prepare a quick salad. I put on my pajamas, my favorite show and disconnect from the world. I can stay out late or decide to sleep at sunset—that’s my decision, and no one will ask why. To those wondering, no I’m not lonely and I’m not sad either.
3mo ago
No time for BS
@Kesia That’s my kinda girl. I enjoyed living alone too. Nothing like worrying about nothing and no one. Definitely not lonely or sad, rather drama free and easy.
3mo ago

Onesaid Co-founder
@Kesia That’s a good of you to point out you’re not lonely or sad just because you live alone. In fact, one of my favorite things about living alone is having the whole house to myself so I can hold all of my stuff 😁
3mo ago

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