When circumstances change, so changes perspectives. Reality is independent of anyone’s perspectives. The Earth is round, that’s a fact. I believe liberalism is better than conservatism, that’s perspective and can switch at any moment. In the blink of an eye. And this too is perspective!
4d ago
Knowledge is my motto
@IngridDilant 🤔it makes sense.
4d ago

@IngridDilant Lol I’ve actually gone in circles for a couple hours about perspective. The good old classic perspective is reality. But there’s two sides to every story. It’s all in ones perspective. So perspective is not truth. And then it goes on lol. Thank god for science and actual facts hahahahaha
4d ago

Keen on Politics & Social Issues
@brettlechnar I know right?
The way I see it, as life unfold we are forced to adapt and change the way we process reality. What’s real and what’s perspective? Like you said thanks God for science.
4d ago

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