It was an expensive dinner night. I met this guy online, and for our first date, he invited me to a very exclusive and expensive restaurant.
I wanted dress to impress and didn’t spare any expense. I went to the beauty parlor and did my nails, hair, eyebrows etc... 4 hours and $250 dollars later, I was ready!

And, of course, I did impress him. He also looked the part, but not as meticulously as I was.

The dinner was enjoyable, and I could say I was having a great time…until the minute the tab arrived. I waited for him before saying anything. To my surprise he didn’t hesitate to ask how I would pay for my part😱.

After a few seconds I said: I’ll charge it, grabbed my purse and handed the credit card.
It was the last time he heard from me. I was way too pissed after a date like that.

Now, before you get the wrong idea about me, let me clarify one thing. He was the one who invited me and chose such an expensive place. He ordered the wine…and in my opinion, he had to pay!!!
3mo ago
Knowledge is my motto
@Anita2.0 Agree with you. If he was the one inviting and didn’t warn you of any splitting he should have paid.
3mo ago

Tough B
@Anita2.0 That’s frustrating! The worst part isn’t that he asked how you were going to pay, even though that’s horrible and embarrassing, the most aggravating is that he chose an expensive place, ordered wine, etc without even asking if you were ok with that. He did invite you and he did choose the place, so he should choose to put his hand in his pocket, be a big and pay.

What a loser!? Can you imagine what the rest of your life would be like 🤢🤮 You’re better off!
3mo ago

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