When I lived on my own I would cook all the time. I enjoyed trying different recipes from every culture. The more spice, the tastier it had to be, in my opinion. For fun, I would pick a main course, side or appetizer to try out. But here's the thing, now I live with someone else and I have to think about his tastebuds. Ugh, I'm happy to share a life with him but the kitchen too?? Didn't think about that one.

Now I think of it as a welcomed challenge. The compromise will be that he'll try different flavors and I will do my best to find a happy medium between what he's used to and what I know how to make..wish me luck!
6mo ago
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I'm new here
@SherryWine Congratulations!! Challenge yourself and make it a fun experience. Maybe invite him to make a couple of recipes with you so he feels involved. The more involved you are with your food, you are more likely to enjoy it (pretty sure it's scientifically proven). I'm sure you'll do great!
6mo ago

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