One of those emotions there's not much you can do with. It's basically an afterthought of what you could have done or should have done. I try not to have regrets over decisions I make and I very rarely ever do. I own my choices and move on from them or learn from them.

Maybe its because it takes me so long to make a decision that by the time I finally decide on something I already thought about every option or alternative.
6mo ago
@Jordan Glad you see it that way but there are many out there that don't have the ability to just let it be and live without regret. There are many that suffer with depression and anxiety and only wish they didn't have to feel regret for even just a day.

Contemplating how or who you affected with a decision you made is sometimes more stressful than the actual decision. I don't necessarily say this from experience but I have been around enough people who suffer with regret in all parts of their lives. Nothing we can do but wish them peace and happiness.
6mo ago

@Jordan It is well documented that when people of old age pass away right before hand, they say they have a ton of regrets. So with that said, you’re gonna make mistakes on decisions. Everyone does. But the regret comes from you miss out on thousands of decisions you didn’t make/take whatever you want to call it.

Decisions decisions lol
6mo ago

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